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About Alessio

Alessio begins many years ago as a landscape photographer, projected in this new fascinating world thanks to digital photo.

He has attended many photo post production masters, concerning landscapes, street photography and wild life.

Experienced globe-trotter in constant search of new places, adventures and emotions to share with you all.

Attending Alessio's workshops will not only improve your photograph skills and photograph location knowledge but it will also develop your inner self, you will have not only a tutor but also a friend that will follow step by step your growth as a photographer and in post production too.

Alessio has made many photograph journeys around the world with the intent of illustrating life of remote places and city centers, free wild life and idyllic landscapes.

In Italy the sites where workshops take place have been visited and photographed by Alessio over and over again, many times, in order to guarantee and offer maximum and unique knowledge and expertise of those places.

From north to south we find the Dolomiti with its beautiful mountain chain and small enchanted villages, the "cinque terre" -UNESCO PATRIMONY- with its little villages nestled on the rocks.

Venice needs no presentation worth photographing all year round, especially during the carnival season with its live colourful masquerades.

More south in Tuscany, Alessio's native land, from beautiful Florence and Siena we reach out to Orcia valley and Crete Senesi , immortalised by worldwide photographers.

Then we have Rome, the eternal city, rich in artworks with its nearby countryside that allows you to shift quickly from history to nature.

We finally end up in Naples and the Amalfi's coastline, one of the most beautiful sea scenario in the world.

Spreading towards Europe Alessio has visited several times Camargue to document its famous horses and flamingo birds life, but also in Provence, great all year round especially in the begging of July during the coloured and amazing lavender bloomig.

How not mention other trips done by Alessio such as to Lofoten in Norway, where you can find postcard landscapes either in winter during the aurora borealist or in summer with the midnight sun and grazing animals.

Scotland, the island of Skye, the photographer's island, it has become famous in the years due to its scenarios capable of remaining impressed forever in mind.

Not to forget the other worldwide journeys, from Cambogia, land of monks,temples,forests and forgotten coasts to Cina with its enchanted paddy fields, the contrast between enormous cities and small farmer's villages, caught in the act of cultivating their ground or fishing along the yellow river.

Many are the photograph safari made in Africa, starting from South Africa to Botswana, Tanzania in Seregeti and Namibia, land of the sand desserts, of Himbleton and various wild animals up to the Etosha NP.

Alessio had visited also many sea landscapes for example Seychelles its marvellous sunsets, Cook Island, Fiji Island, ending up in Australia, his first love (been there three times), up to New Zealand discovering snowed fjords and contrasting sights.

Last but not least for its remarking beauty, his journeys to Alaska, taking pictures of the breathtaking views and bears, to Iceland one the richest countries in terms of landscapes for a photographer, to Croatia at Plitvice Lake District, maybe during autumn one of the world's most photogenic corners, to Greece at Lake Kerkini, where in winter you can find hundreds of dalmata pelicans fluttering with the snow fully mountains in the background.

What is there to say of the postcard sky of Ireland and its astonishing cliffs, same as Faroe Islands, little and unknown to most but of an in imaginable beauty with thousands of puffin and little multi coloured grass roof built up areas.

Japan, seen in spring, during the cherry tree blossom, where landscape and tradition blend in a pink shade.

In conclusion, to travel, to know, to discover new places around any corner of our beautiful planet, is and will remain for Alessio a passion more than a job, because nothing is better of reaching places,getting touched and excite others with the view of our pictures and of course, if this is done through a photographer's eye, everything changes.