venice carnevale photography workshop
Venice Burano
1 - 7 March 2019
$ 3950 single supplement $ 900 Deposit $1000
Thousands of tourists come to Venice to see and take part in its magnificent Carnival; walking round in fancy dress in this city's magical scenery means taking part in a truly exceptional happening. Those mysterious, disturbing Venetian masks, eyeing you from the city's alleyways are part of what we imagine the Venetian world would have been like 300 years ago. They are an irresistible attraction for what is undoubtedly one of the world's most unique experiences: the re-living of 18th century Venice. Wearing masks has always been more than just simple fun for the Venetians, it's still a strongly felt tradition with deep cultural roots. Venetians were famous for being libertines and for transgression - they didn't just use masks during the official Carnival. Putting on a mask in Venice meant taking forbidden liberties. A number of restrictive laws passed on dressing up prove how widespread the habit was. Reaching its maximum splendour in the 18th century, the Carnival returned to new life in the 1980s and nowadays lasts a month with shows, balls, music and plays organized all over the city. Amidst the Carnival's fairy atmosphere, Venice goes back to becoming a magic 18th century city. Our target in this workshop is to use your new found skills to improve and expand generally your photographic technique. Apart from the technical aspect of learning your camera settings and capabilities, you will learn how to turn an ordinary image into an extraordinary image by using your own creativity. Our time together will include individual and group discussions, inspiring ideas and great fun. What better location to express your creativity than the fairytale set at the Carnevale of Venice.
Travel, people, architecture, fine art and street photography. Professional photographer guide. Photo walks & discussions. Small group size (4 - 8 guests). Fine hotel accommodations. Breakfasts. 2 Dinners.
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During Carnevale we will spend our mornings and days capturing Venice with the best light.

The places we will visit in Venice are world famous, especially in this period and with good light it'll be really amazing ! 

Our program from day 1 to day 7 is to visit the most important and iconic places along with colors and masks of people walking the streets and arriving at the Grand Ball in the evening.

Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge and markets, the Grand Canal, Gondolas, Cannareggio, the coloured Murano and Burano and San Giorgio Maggiore ( the island opposite St. Mark’s Square).They all offer breathtaking views (the bell tower vista is incredible, with no lines); Palladian church contains Tintoretto’s “Last Supper.” We’ll explore and capture San Giorgio Maggiore in its best light. In the evening we seek to capture more decadent costumes as ball-goers make their way to the Minuet Grand Ball for the final night of Carnival. This Ball is located on the Piano Nobile in an authentic 14th century Palace, the Ca’ Pesaro Papafava. With its precious gothic facade and its elegant quadriform gothic windows overlooking the canal of the Misericordia. The palace will be illuminated entirely with candlelights to create a memorable atmosphere.

The Palazzo Flangini, this beautiful 15th century Palace overlooks the left bank of the Grand Canal. Its Renaissance facade displays the distinctive elegance of an important Venetian palazzo. Views from this palace are stunning, particularly by night. 

We have 2 dinners included in typical italian restaurants with great food and wine !



Group size
4 - 8 Guests
Experience | difficulty
All levels of photographers are welcome. We will be providing instruction on all aspects of image capture and post processing and it does not really matter whether you are a beginner or an expert photographer. We welcome all levels of photographers using equipment from mobile phones & tablets, compact cameras to digital SLR cameras. NON PHOTOGRAPHERS ALSO WELCOME.
Weather | Sun
March - Temps 47/34 F 9/1 C Sunrise 6:40 | Sunset 18:20
Travel, people, architecture, fine art and street photography. Professional photographer guide. Photo walks & discussions. Small group size (4 - 8 guests). Fine hotel accommodations. Breakfasts. 2 Dinners.
Lunches, snacks and drinks outside of normal meals. beverages and alcohol. Tips for tour guides, drivers, bellhops etc. International Medical and Travel Insurance Coverage. Arrival and departure flights.
Hotel Le Isole - Venice.
Travel information
We recommend arrival 1 day before the beginning of workshop, meeting point Venice Airport. Our workshop begins at 11 AM of the first day and ends at noon of the last day. ( also Malpensa Airport is not too far from Venice ).
$ 3950 single supplement $ 900 Deposit $1000
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